Vaccinations in the early childhood are essential for the immune system in order to assure protection against diseases, which still cause complications nowadays and are likely to be untreatable.



Trough vaccination you can prevent other people and yourself from the risk of an infection. A pregnant woman's rubella infection can cause serious damage to the unborn child. Nowadays there are many well tolerated combination vaccines. Vaccination recommendations are published by the standing vaccine commission (in German: STIKO), you can find them and additional information at


Side effects

The most common side effects of vaccination are slight reddening, pain and swelling of site of the injection and potential fever 1-3 days after the vaccination. Up to 2% of the children vaccinated with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination show reactions 1-4 weeks later which can imply fever and skin rashes similar to measles. All of those side effects are normally harmless and pass very soon. In case of further questions please contact us.